8 January 2017

Why do they do that ?

Everyday so called online marketers try to drag me into "best" online business. They don`t even care about decent conversation. It`s so rude and selfish. They simply drop mass messages and referral links. Are they desperate ? Greedy ? Lack of experience ? There is no good explanation. I am getting tired of crap recently. What I know for sure. That`s not working so far.
By the way I have heard that almost 97% of people failed in online businesses. The offer usually seems very attractive.
"You could make millions no deposit required no referring" etc... 
Join now. Free registration. blah blah blah 
Maybe I should consider it ?  It`s a temping proposition. No no no. It`s out of the question too risky and not reasonable. I did not lose my common sense 😁

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