31 January 2017

Quick update of daily stats. I already crossed $400 commission. Last 9 days earned $100. Today I decided to purchase ten $50 ad packs to boost my income.
25 x$ 50 ad packs
64 x $10 ad packs
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29 January 2017

DAY 77

Lazy Sunday as usual. Bought another ad pack. Nothing will work If you don`t believe in yourself. Put in the effort and keep moving forward.

27 January 2017

DAY 75

Just quick update today. I am happy to report that 60 ad packs ($10) have been reached.
This is another step forward to build my long term income. In one month I should reach 100 ad packs ($10)

26 January 2017

DAY 74

It`s been over 20 years since first online purchase was made. Online advertising market is being developed with insane speed. Take advantage of this opportunity. This is the right time and right place to start building your own online business.I have never thought I could make any income online. No matter how much you earn now, it never hurts to make a few extra dollars. 

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25 January 2017

DAY 73

  Every 15 minutes my balance is going up. You will love it.  😁😁😁

24 January 2017

DAY 72

Quick update. One more fresh ad pack today. I have to admit that really love the nature of online marketing business. We never know what comes next day. One thing is certain. If you take this business seriously you will be rewarded. Soon or later your effort will be paid off. Set your goals and stay persistent, even when others constantly are trying to convince you fail. Don`t meet those expectations 😄

23 January 2017

DAY 71

I am hitting 60 ad packs this week with new IV membership giving me more income opportunities with 4 level commission.

22 January 2017

DAY 70

People ask me, how to get social media bonus in FutureNet. This is a special reward for active users. The best and easy way is simply to start chatting. I already created that video to show you my earnings. It really works. 
My activity bonus in total is $8.41 

Today I smashed $300 commission in FutureAdPro

I am really happy to see my account is getting bigger and bigger. At the beginning thought it took ages unless I noticed any progress. People told me 1% sharing, don`t be silly, how are you gonna make money in there ? Time goes very quickly. Now I am more confident about the results and believe that FutureNet is one of the best income opportunity I have ever joined. Don`t waste your time on cheap programs. Take action today !!!

21 January 2017

Nice beginning of the weekend. Finally hit 50 ($10) ad packs. I have already created that short video to show you my account. Now I am on half way to reach the limit. According to previous calculations I need 19 x $50 and 100 x $10 to buy fresh $50 ad pack every three days. This is just initial strategy for next couple of months to keep building account.

20 January 2017

Tomorrow I reach 50 ad packs. As you can see all memberships limiting numbers of ad packs and commissions. Upgrade to IV membership is required to continue building $10 ad packs up to 75. The better option would be purchase V upgrade with 100/1000 ad packs limits and 5 level deep commission structure. Must think about it.
Like watching progress .....

19 January 2017

Quick update of daily stats. 
On my way to hit 50 ad packs this week.
If you are tired of cheap programs, why don`t you join FutureNet.

Start building your real online income instead of making money form bubbles.

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18 January 2017

DAY 66

I am active in FN every day since I realized how much time and money wasted on searching good programs. Some revshares should have set expiry day at the beginning. Almost all of them fail soon on later. It`s just a matter of time. 
FutureNet is not only ten clicks platform.
FutureNet is more than revshare, 
FutureNet has multiply streams of income to keep this company for years. 
It`s worth my effort to build it.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.😉

17 January 2017

✸✸✸ ACTIVITY BONUS UPDATE 17 - 01 - 2017 ✸✸✸ 

What a great day. I have already reached $8.00 bonus for being active in FutureNet - a company which pays me for posting, liking, chatting and comments. Right now I am more active in here than any other social media platforms. Really happy with this money and continuously build my account. 
Become member and enjoy like me !!!

16 January 2017

Are you tired of setting goals and fail every time ? Small goals are achievable fast.
Break down the goals into smaller. "Small goals out - win big goals"..... 
Think of your level of expectation. Don`t be too ambitious. Mondays I am usually setting up new target to shot at.
50 ad packs should be reached very soon.

Those ad packs generate approximately $11 per day.

15 January 2017

DAY 63

FutureNet is gonna be huge, that`s why taking my online activity seriously. I am so excited to be part of this excellent company and can`t really wait what it comes. Some amazing developments will turn FutureNet into next level in the industry and let people make residual income for a long time just for working from home. 
Stay motivated 💲💲💲

14 January 2017

A quick update on my FutureAdpro account. 
Still making up to 1% everyday 💰
➡ 15 x $50 ad packs
➡ 41 x $10 ad packs
Happy weekend to all of you 

13 January 2017

DAY 61

Happy Friday the 13th
Hope you have a lucky day 👀
Just want to show you my daily stats. Things are going fine. There is a nice progress as I expected. Today hit 40 ad packs and $200 commissions. If you are person, who recognizes the power of FutureNet & FutureAdPro and ready to get started, please don`t hesitate to contact me.

12 January 2017


In 2017 FutureNet explodes. Oh my goodness. I am so exciting. 
It is is extremely unoriginal, but must say this is the right time and right place to take action. It will not be business as usual, actually. I think, it will be revolution in online income opportunity. FutureNet is much more than revenue sharing company !!! 
Watch video and learn more about upcoming changes...
  • Own crypto currency
  • BMW leasing 
  • Cafes
  • Shops

DAY 60

Would you like to get bonus for using social media ? 
Chat.. chat... chat... and have got $ 0.18 today. I like it. Every cent counts.
The easiest way to get bonus
Start chatting with friends
Create valuable posts

Take action and make 💰💰💰


10 January 2017

DAY 58

What gets me up in the morning is a joy to see a fantastic progress. Money rolls in 💰💰💰
I have already purchased some fresh ad packs to bring my account level up.
Since today I can buy one $10 ad pack everyday. Hooray !!!
Drop a message if you are willing to get started with this amazing company.

9 January 2017

DAY 57

New week, new goals. It`s great watching my account is getting bigger.I have got paid today just for using social media platform and chatting with friends.
How to get activity bonus?
Simply create valuable content and invite people to Futurenet Social Media. Bonus is a reward for active Users of the Social Platform. It is calculated daily according to special script, taking into account specific parameters of activity. Your activity parameters will be especially rewarded while using the internal communication tool - CHAT

8 January 2017

Why do they do that ?

Everyday so called online marketers try to drag me into "best" online business. They don`t even care about decent conversation. It`s so rude and selfish. They simply drop mass messages and referral links. Are they desperate ? Greedy ? Lack of experience ? There is no good explanation. I am getting tired of crap recently. What I know for sure. That`s not working so far.
By the way I have heard that almost 97% of people failed in online businesses. The offer usually seems very attractive.
"You could make millions no deposit required no referring" etc... 
Join now. Free registration. blah blah blah 
Maybe I should consider it ?  It`s a temping proposition. No no no. It`s out of the question too risky and not reasonable. I did not lose my common sense 😁

DAY 56

Lazy Sunday....
I have just realized that I could buy $10 ad pack every two days.
I think I will reach 100 ($10) ad packs in February or earlier.
Wow, it`s so exciting to see some progress. 
If you are bored of programs that promise you millions, but never deliver, it`s time to build real business with long term vision. 

7 January 2017

DAY 55

Today is 55 day since I decided to be active on FutureNet.
Started count from that point :-)
I am glad to see my account is getting bigger and bigger. I can`t wait to reach the first milestone 100 ad packs.
Consistency is the key ★★★

6 January 2017

I have made a little progress

Wow, what a nice evening,
Just smashed $150 commission.
No reason to complain.
If you work slowly but constantly, you will succeed better than if you work fast for a short while and do not continue.

3 January 2017

Freedom in modern world

Money is important.
No doubt about that.
Not so many people notice the problem, because money is related to freedom.
I am not wondering about buying freedom.
I am wondering how to use freedom....

Do you want to know how earn money online ?

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