23 December 2016

We are expecting new changes in our Futurenet by 2017


1.FutureNet Apps
2.FutureNet World Convention on 11th March
3.Start of another brilliant FutureNet business opportunity
4.Expansion of our shop offer
5.Commission payments in physical GOLD bars
6.Gold in different denominations in the FutureNet Shop
7.Inauguration of the first FutureNet Café
8.New FutureNet website
9.Expansion of the FutureNet product portfolio
10.Start of FutureNet Adwords / Ads on the platform
11.Expansion of the FutureNet games portfolio
12.Introduction of further payment and disbursement opportunities
13.Launch of a number of social projects and initiatives
14.Inauguration of new offices in different countries worldwide
15.Expansion of our sport sponsoring activities

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